With 12 years of experience in the footwear and leather industry, we have a lot of knowledge and deep understanding when it comes to leather. With Oct. Tenth, we are able to offer you some of the highest quality leathers on the planet. From French Box calf leather to our section of unique leathers, you can browse through our leather offering below. Click on the images for full resolution.

Box Calf

Box calf is the finest leather available for welted footwear. The leather is chrome-tanned with an aniline finish, which gives the leather a beautiful sheen and great depth. We source our box calf leather from the German Weinheimer tannery, and French tannery Annonay.

Museum Calf

Museum calf has a unique, hand-applied finish that creates a special mottled effect. The finish is obtained by blotting the calfskin hide when the leather is still wet. The leather has become very popular in recent years and is now a true classic. Museum calf is sourced from Italian tannery Ilcea.


Shell cordovan is a vegetable tanned leather that comes exclusively from a horse butt. The position of the hide containing the most dense mass of fibres is known as the shell.  In the late 19th century, shell cordovan was sold under the name “Spiegelware”, which translates to “mirror goods”. Today, it is praised by shoe enthusiasts for its beautiful sheen and the way it does not wrinkle upon aging, but creates rolls.

Hatch Grain

Hatch Grain calf.


At Oct. Tenth, we primarily use Janus reverse suede from English tannery CF Stead. Here, the reverse side of the calfskin is used, resulting in a higher quality suede with finer nap. Reverse calf suede has a lovely smooth, soft texture, and is more durable. Without a doubt, this is the highest quality suede available today.

Unique Leathers

Grained and unique leathers form an important part of the leather offering for Oct. Tenth. Grained leather comes in a variety of patterns and has gained a very important role in the footwear industry. It makes the bridge to more casual footwear thanks to the interesting and unique grain variations.