Oct. Tenth shoes are manufactured to the highest standard, and one place where this really shines through is in the finishing of the shoes. The finishing on Oct. Tenth shoes is on a level all of its own, unseen in this price segment. Oct. Tenth shoes easily rival the level of finishing as seen on shoes double the price. Click on the pictures to see high-resolution images.

Waist Finish

Two types of waist finish are available for Oct. Tenth shoes. On the left, we have the standard, rounded waist. On the right, we have a more pronounced, fiddleback waist. The fiddleback waist is a good choice for a more formal shoe or if you wish to enhance the strong, sharp lines of the last.

Norwegian Welt

A Norwegian welt consists of three braided and intertwined strands of cotton thread that runs around the edge of the shoe. It is available as 180°, 270° and 360° configuration.

Heel Finish

From left to right, we offer a straight heel, slightly tapered heel and tapered heel. This is a personal preference for most of our customers, as any heel can be achieved on any type of shoe. Please note that with a rubber sole, we can only do a straight heel.

Edge Finish

We offer 4 colours for the finishing of the sole edge. There is Black, Brown, Antique, and Natural.

Spade Sole Finish

The Spade sole is a design trend, first seen in the United States around the end of the 19th Century. The sole is cut to resemble the form of a spade, or shovel. At the widest point of the sole, a sharp edge is created that tapers towards the front of the shoe.